Vaughan's Incorporated
General Merchandise & Furniture Store
437 & 441 S. Railroad Ave
Ridgeville, SC 29472
(843) 873-1716


Early family


Scott Vaughan
Gregg Vaughan
Michael Vaughan
Steve Vaughan

Former owner:
Neil Vaughan (retired 2007)  
Everyone The store was established in 1933 by Harry Engelberg and was called "Engelberg's" until 1986, when it was sold to the Vaughan family.

     The Vaughan Family is made up of five boys and one girl, named Polly.  Jack, Gregg, Neil, Michael, and Steve Vaughan worked for Mr. Engelberg in the store when they were growing up in Ridgeville.  Each was around 12 years old when they started work by helping to deliver groceries in the rural area around Ridgeville.  They would get up at 3:00 am on Saturdays to load up the truck so that they could leave at daybreak and get back by nightfall.  In the 1950's and 1960's, all of the boys then took their turn working in the store and learning the retail business at a young age before moving on to military service and college.

     Neil retired from the Navy after 22 years and was looking for something to do when he bought the store in 1986 with his brothers Michael and Steve.  Gregg became an owner early in 1987 after working for Dayco in Walterboro for nearly 20 years. Prior to that, Gregg had served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam with the Marine Corps and was a drill instructor at Parris Island.  His son, Scott, then joined the owners after he graduated from college at the end of 1987. 

Scott, Gregg,  Michael, and Steve all graduated from Baptist College.  Michael also served in the Navy and he now owns Carolina Building Materials in Charleston.  Steve works with Michael at Carolina Building Materials after several years as a teacher and basketball coach at Lord Berkeley Academy.  Jack served in the Air Force and lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Polly also served in the Air Force and is now a retired registered nurse living in Tarpon Springs, Florida.


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